The ECoP e-Learning Course has reached the maximum participants for 2021 . The next ECoP e- Learning Course will start in February 2022. You can fill in the form below to register for the  EcoP e-Learning course 2022. 


Below the information related to the ECoP e- Learning Course 2022. 


In February 2022 the ECoP e-Learning Course will start.


ECoP e- learning course 2022
Each e-Learning module starts with an intake-questionnaire related to the subject to investigate the level of knowledge within the group of participants. After this intake-questionnaire there will be a ZOOM-meeting with the Course Directors to explain the participants what is expect of the participants during that month and which chapters of books or papers have to be read to acquire the necessary knowledge. It is expected that each participant will need around 30 hours a month to read the teaching material.
Before the exit-exam a second ZOOM-meeting will be organized with the Course Directors and all participants to address questions about the modules. The exit-exam will be taken after this meeting and will contain 40 multiple choice questions.


The next table shows the modules, in which 2 subjects will be covered a month, and the names of the course directors.

  Modules    Course Directors    2022 start 
1 Anatomy, epidemiology, pathophysiology // Value based health care   C. Wittens / F. Catarinella   February
2 Diagnostics (MRV, CTV, Phlebology/ Duplex, IVUS)   C. Arnoldussen / I. Toonder   March
3 Compression / Medical treatment   G. Mosti / M. Neumann   April
4 Phlebectomy / Sclerotherapy   P. Pittaluga  / E. Rabe   May
5 Non-Thermal ablation / Thermal ablation   K. Bozkurt / L. Rasmussen   June
6 Deep venous thrombosis / Post-thrombotic syndrome   A. Davies / H. Jalaie   September
7 Thoracic outlet syndrome/ Pelvic venous syndromes   J. Teijink / M. Whiteley   October
8 Arterio-venous malformations / Lymphedema   BB. Lee / R. Damstra   November
9 Ethics/clinical practice   S. Gianesini / W. van Gent    December

Exam - Certificate 2022
Accreditation will be requested at European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME) an Institution of the UEMS and is expected to be positive. When you have completed the course successfully (a positive result for 7 of the 9 exit-exams), you will receive an ECoP Certificate during the graduation ceremony at the ECoP Course in 2022 in Amsterdam, for which you are invited for free. If you did not finish the course successfully you can choose to subscribe for your missed modules in 2023 for a reduced fee or you accept the situation and will get a certificate of attendance.


MedTech registration

Ethical MedTech compliance registry recognized they ECoP e-learning as a "Virtual Event''. link EthicalMedtech


Registration 2022:
The registration fee is € 750,00 (2022) which includes the ECoP e-Learning Course and an invitation, for free, to the 3 days ECoP Course in 13- 15 May 2022 in Amsterdam and the graduation ceremony during this course.

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